Lenten Mission in Mitchelstown Parish

Lent Is Coming: As Spring and Lent begins this week, no matter what our age, let us turn to Jesus anew and open our hearts to Him. He has the power to transform our lives.

Let us make the Eucharist the centre of our lives.

Let us again correct our material excesses in food, clothes and lifestyle.

Let us not be controlled by the human things and remember we are called to prepare for an eternal life.

Let us not allow life to be centred on our self-amusement and fulfilment, but rather reach out to help those around us.

Take home a Trócaire box this weekend and pray for those who are suffering because of the selfishness and hatred of our world.


This year during the Mondays of Lent, the Home of the Mother Sisters will do a Reflection at 7.00pm, before evening Mass.


There will be an evening Mass at 7.30pm in the Parish Church throughout Lent.


We will also have the Stations of the Cross every Friday at 7.00pm, before Evening Mass.


We will have Evening Prayer at 5.00pm for the Sundays of Lent also.


Let us enter into the season of Lent with fresh zeal and pray for a new heart.


Let us also consider attending the Gospel Talks in the Town Hall every Monday and Thursday at 8.00pm.


Let us turn to Jesus anew this Lent and prepare for a great Easter celebration. Remember to fast and abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday.


The Parish will lead the Stations of the Cross on Corrin Hill, Fermoy, on Sunday, March 17th at 3.00pm.


Click here to download the Stations of the Cross booklet we are using for Lenten Stations in the Church.

Holy Week