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This Advent, we have organized a parish Christmas Mission called “Tidings of Great Joy.”  This Mission is meant to help us to prepare our hearts during the time of Advent for the coming of Christ at Christmas. It is meant for own spiritual growth, but we also hope that it will serve as an invitation to those who do not regularly attend Church to re-discover their faith.

Each week at the entrances of the Church you will see a:

- Virtue of the Week – to practice as a parish.

- Mission of the Week – something to work on as a parish and reach out to others

- Event(s) of the Week – something exciting to look forward to and which will help us grow spiritually and create community in the parish.

These are three things that we will try to live as a parish and also invite our neighbors, families and friends to be a part of. At the end of Mass today, we will have little cards with a list of all the Events which will take place during the Mission. We encourage you to take some and give them to your neighbors, friends and families (especially those have distanced themselves from the faith) inviting them to re-discover the faith and welcome Christ – God made man for love of us – into their hearts this Christmas.

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Christmas Parish Mission