Christmas Parish Mission 2018 - Tidings of Great Joy!

This Advent, we have organized a parish Christmas Mission called “Tidings of Great Joy.”


This Mission is meant to help us to prepare our hearts during the time of Advent for the coming of Christ at Christmas. It is meant for own spiritual growth, but we also hope that it will serve as an invitation to those who do not regularly attend Church to re-discover their faith.


The Empty Manger

In front of the altar, we have an empty manger displayed with two baskets; one basket has suggested resolutions or sacrifices for children and the other has suggested resolutions or sacrifices for adults. The idea is for you to pick one resolution from the basket to work on during the week either before or after Mass. When you return to Mass the following Sunday, having completed the resolution, you can place a small cotton ball in the empty manger – which is meant to be a visible symbol of how we are preparing our hearts to receive Jesus this Christmas.









The Mission

Each week at the entrances of the Church you will see a:

- Virtue of the Week – to practice as a parish.

- Mission of the Week – something to work on as a parish and reach out to others

- Event(s) of the Week – something exciting to look forward to and which will help us grow spiritually and create community in the parish.

These are three things that we will try to live as a parish and also invite our neighbors, families and friends to be a part of. At the end of Mass today, we will have little cards with a list of all the Events which will take place during the Mission. We encourage you to take some and give them to your neighbors, friends and families (especially those have distanced themselves from the faith) inviting them to re-discover the faith and welcome Christ – God made man for love of us – into their hearts this Christmas.


List of Events:


Friday, 7th December:  Special Vigil for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

 7:30pm Vigil Mass of the Immaculate Conception

 8:15pm Holy Hour in honour of Our Blessed Mother with prayers and reflections directed by the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother.

Saturday, 8th December: 9:30am-3:30pm: Hail Holy Queen Conference in the Town Hall


Saturday, 15th December:  6:00pm: Caroling

 6:00pm Meet in the Town Hall.

 According to how the weather is, we will either go caroling in the nearby area or sing Christmas Songs in the Town Hall followed by tea. Feel free to bring something to share!

 At 7:30pm we will project a Family Christmas Film

Sunday, 16th December:  Bambinelli Sunday (All Sunday Masses)

 Bring your Baby Jesus to Mass to be blessed by the priest

Monday, 17th December  7:30pm: Penance Service


Friday, 21stDecember  7:30pm: Confessions Service with Adoration


Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th December: Christmas Mass


Thursday, 27th December at 8pm: Adoration of the Baby Jesus

 A special Christmas Holy Hour. During the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, we will be singing Christmas Carols as we join the Holy Family and all the shepherds adoring Baby Jesus. We will also have the opportunity to come forward and venerate the statue of Baby Jesus. Come join us as we welcome the Lord into the world and into our hearts!




Tidings of Great Joy!
First Week of Advent
Fast from speaking negatively about others. Use your words to say nice thing to others, share the Good News and invite your neighbours to the Parish Mission.
Saturday, 8th December Hail Holy Queen Conference 9:30am-3:30pm
Second Week of Advent
Third Week of Advent
Fourth Week of Advent